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Karin Eato Smith-Wall, originally from New York, came to Boston in the late 70’s to attend college. She married Bruce Wall, in 1987 and conceded that Boston was home. She and Bruce have 3 adult children. Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury, is where she became a Christian, was discipled and prepared for life and ministry. In 1988 she and Bruce departed from Twelfth Baptist Church and launched an outreach ministry at a roller skating rink. This was thought to be radical at the time. They held “church” services there and outreach to families who may not have come into a church building, but wanted to hear the Gospel. Eventually this effort launched into Bruce Wall Ministries (BWM), and included a computer center with classes and after school program, day camp summer employment and re-entry work. PK (Pastor K) became a certified NFTE (national foundation for training entrepreneurs) trainer and helped teens to launch their own ventures.  Over the 13 years working for BWM as the executive director the ministry flourished and provided hope and skills to countless individuals.

She earned an undergraduate degree from Suffolk University in psychology; a Master of Social Work and Master of Arts in African American Studies from Boston University. The latter two she received simultaneously.  Karin is a licensed American-Baptist Minister; a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker; a certified trainer in Outcome Measurements and an active alumnus of the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative.

Since 1993 she has pastored with her husband at Global Ministries Christian Church. In addition to preaching/teaching Karin is passionate about helping others to achieve breakthrough in their life, according to God’s will and using their spiritual gifts to contribute to improve the body of Christ.
Ms. Wall is a licensed independent social worker, and works in an elementary school helping to improve upon the life of students and families who have experienced, loss, trauma, undiagnosed learning differences including ADHD.  She believes most children can become successful adults given the right guidance and support.  PK is a regular speaker at women’s events.
Pastor Karin and Pastor Wall’s children are the joys of their life. A big believer in self reflection and self care, PK loves to curl up with a good book, enjoys time with her family, traveling, the outdoors and tropical warm beaches.

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